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At a dog show the judge assesses how well the conformation and temperament of the
presented dogs meet the requirements set by the approved breed standard, and
looks for signs of exaggerated features. As representatives of the Finnish Kennel
Club, Finnish show judges work as unbiased and impartial experts, always remembering
their responsibility in the guidance of breeding.

The Finnish Dog Show Judges' Association was founded in Helsinki in February 1977.
Its mission is to further improve the cynological expertise of its members, to offer
support in their judging career, and to deal with various questions and issues related
to dog show judging. The association arranges and promotes judge training and
education, and publishes a magazine for its members.

The association works in good cooperation with the Finnish Kennel Club, breed clubs and
show committees, and also with other organizations in cynological matters.

At the moment there are about 200 show judges in Finland, 25 of them all-round judges.
Every year about 40 all-breed shows, about 20 of them international shows - are arranged here, as well as some 150 smaller shows for 2-4 FCI groups, and every breed club also has its own annual specialty. In addition to all these shows on their home turf, Finnish judges are also frequently seen judging at shows all around the world.

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